De Baar Trucks was founded in 1969 by Mr. J.M. de Baar. It started as a DAF dealership, a Dutch truck brand well known throughout Europe. The activities at that time were:

  • Selling of new Daf trucks
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs

Within 5 years the activities multiplied and 3 more dealer ships were opened throughout the east of the Netherlands.

After the company vision had changed, we decided to offer the customer a whole package.
This meant that we started a factory that builds open and closed boxes for trucks, trailers and all appendages for trucks in combination with a paint and a body shop, all under one roof.

At the same time we funded a leasing firm (Cargo-Lease) to help finance the client, and as a result a company in 1996 which had 9 dealerships with 5 brands:

  • Daf
  • Iveco
  • Fiat
  • Mitsubishi
  • Hyundai
Throughout The Netherlands, 150 employees selling up to 750 new trucks a year
and a private Lease fleet with more than 450 trucks.

In that same year a Dutch company asked us to help them selling used trucks to Cuba, within 3 years we sold up to 180 used trucks on yearly base to Cuba.

In the following years with sophisticated use of the internet, more and more client’s all over the world found their way to De Baar Trucks. Sales were made in Russia, Turkmenistan, Cuba the Middle East, Suriname, South Amerika, Africa, in particular Nigeria and Ghana but also Ethiopia, Libya, Egypt, Gambia, Burkina Faso and Sudan.

In 1999 the export was separated and became a new company, “De Baar Trading” with an average stock of 100 trucks and approximately 300 sales per year.

In 2008 the founder of De Baar trucks ( Mr. J.M. de Baar ) sold the entire company “De Baar trucks” division to Koops-Furness the third largest dealer group in Holland. After a short illness Mr. J.M. de Baar passed away.

Eldest son P.P.T de Baar, CEO and owner of “De Baar Trading”. In memory of his father Mr. J.M. de Baar, changed the name to “De Baar Trucks” in 2013.

De Baar trucks operates now globally, not only by selling trucks, trailers and earth moving equipment,
but Mr. P.P.T. de Baar, CEO of the firm is continuously travelling the world exploring new markets
and visiting clients to advise them with his expertise in transport, service and repair.

With this expertise we can also arrange manufacturing local workshops to repair trucks and deliver the equipment/ tools, and even if it’s needed expertise and ore education in the workplace.

In 2012 de Baar trucks had a joint venture in Lagos Nigeria with a Dutch ship builder, due to the political situation and local problems we were forced to terminate this project.

However in such a short time me we have acknowledged ourselves in the maritime world. With Holland as a ultimate maritime country, we can also deliver used and new sea and river going vessels, such as fishing trawlers, tankers, cargo and supplier vessels, dredgers ,and ferry’s, and all kind of spare parts for the offshore.

Repair and refitting of complete vessels on site is also no problem, including telecommunication and satellite communication on large scale!

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